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We're working hard right now to return to BRC in 2014 for the 20th anniversary of our founding.

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Radio Free Burning Man is a low-power, Part-15, FM broadcast station operating exclusively at the annual Burning Man event at Black Rock City, Nevada since 1994. The all-volunteer staff broadcast music, information, entertainment and general mahem to the citizens of the temporary city.


Part of the station's goal is to bring the best radio to Black Rock City that can be done by people having a good time on holiday in Nevada. The staff is a collection of friends, colleagues and hangers-on.

2012, Esplanade & 2:15



2005, 3:00 Keyhole


1997, Center Camp

2008, 3:00 Plaza


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There are other stations in Black Rock City, too!


2005, 3:00 Keyhole
2000, Center Camp


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