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RFBM's Building



Radio Free Burning Man undertook an ambitious project to replace the "shack" with a new building. The plan was to simply replace within the existing form factor and allow the veranda to be reused. To reduce the full cost of replacing the entire structure in one year, the floor sections were retained as well until replacements are built. Advantage is taken of new construction techniques and materials. While the basic premise of wall sections, bolted together and supporting a roof system remains the same, the orientation of the sections contributes to uniformity and easier assembly.

The overall design is a basic adaptation of the previous structure with emphasis on a storefront. The front door remains in the same location as with the "shack", but the fenestration is confined to the front facing wall and windows are aligned with the ports of the arches. A back door is included for fast access buy the staff camped behind it.

The interior space is simplified into one room.




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RFBM cancelled it's registered theme camp plans, and instead ran a fully automated station out of a plastic box in the DFT camp. This automated station occupied a spot on the FM dial, but did not offer a public space, nor accommodate live operation.


RFBM returned as a fully operating theme camp and more finishing of the building was attempted. Pilasters, similar in design to the ones used 2000-2005, was added at each wall joint along the frontage. The 2003 veranda was retained.

A shade structure was purchased and added onto the rear for staff meetings. The deck sections were rebuilt to a new 2-foot-wide specification to make them lighter and easier to stack.



RFBM was in a stand-down from attending Burning Man. The building remained in storage.


Some RFBM staff worked hard, others worked to fund a return to the playa in 2012, this time as a camp within the Illumination Village. The building was configured into an 8-foot by 12-foot plan making slightly easier transport and setup/takedown which ended up being done by only two people on site.

This smaller arrangement housed only the studio, while the transmitter and computer equipment was housed in the auxiliary building--the more distant structure shown at right. The station frontage was set back fifteen feet from the Esplanade. Architrave pieces were added above the pilasters. Installation of RFBM in 2012 would not have been possible if not for the help from Shekky, the only RFBM staff member who made himself available for setup and takedown.


There was no RFBM at BRC in 2013.


RFBM will celebrate it's 20th anniversary.


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